Boosting digital awareness for forestry machinery maintenance company



Specializing in mechanical and hydraulic maintenance services, Davexfor Trans is a forestry crane repair shop located in Brașov county.

The workshop is designed for efficiently repairing forestry cranes, equipped with an extensive inventory of both new and used spare parts, offering a wide range of services for it’s partners from the Romanian & Hungarian market.


Forestry Machinery Service


Brașov, Romania




While possessing a loyal customer base, the company faced the challenge of attracting new customers and increasing sales.

Seeking assistance, they approached us for a comprehensive startup advice package.


In response to the challenge we analyzed the company's market position, customer demographics & competitive landscape which revealed untapped opportunities for growth.

Conducted market analysis to discover new opportunities.
Industry & competitor research to determine brand positioning.
Refreshed visual identity to reflect the subtle vision shift.
Optimized social media presence to increase brand visibility.
Designed a user-friendly website architecture to provide clarity.
Launched advertising campaigns to help brand discovery.
Created a new revenue stream by introducing an online parts catalog.


The results of our work


Within three months, the business experienced a 65% increase in website traffic through effective ad strategy.


This growth translated into a 30% increment in customer conversions.
The company successfully scaled by commercializing cranes and crane parts.
Customer satisfaction ratings also improved as a result of the enhanced customer journey.

A niche market that not many take the time to understand. But they did an amazing job putting all the pieces together, highly contributing to where our business stands today.

Csaba D.
General Manager at Davexfor Trans

Project Figures

Research & Analysis
0 days
Visual Identity
0 days
Website UX/UI
0 days
Advertising Strategy
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