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A leading cardboard packaging company committed to sustainability, specializes in providing 100% recyclable packaging solutions.

With their commitment to environmentally friendly practices, they sought to expand their reach and raise awareness of their sustainable product offerings.




Brașov, Romania




Despite offering innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions, Disz Tipo Group faced a significant challenge. Potential customers were unaware of their extensive product range due to a lack of online presence.

The absence of an effective digital strategy hindered their visibility and potential for growth.


A tailored online strategy was crafted, encompassing a revamped visual identity, structured product database and a user-friendly website.

Structured an intuitive product inventory.
Crafted a seamless content architecture to facilitate effortless user navigation.
Fine-tuning visual identity.
Developed professional product photography workflows.
Designed a user-friendly website interface for enhanced interactions.
Boosted brand awareness through data-driven advertising strategy.
Integrated a third-party app to streamline sales inquiries across platforms.


The results of our work


Over 10,000 users discover the brand monthly.


Daily inquiries increased from almost nonexistent to a consistent 4-5 inquiries per day, achieved through a cost-effective advertising strategy.
Recognition from other e-commerce platforms interested in featuring the company’s products.
Positive ongoing collaboration, contributing to the development of one of the industry’s premier web stores.

More than just a digital agency, they're a trusted advisor. They helped us navigate the complexities of digital transformation and develop a strategy that aligned with our long-term business goals.

CEO of Disz Tipo Group

Project Figures

Research & Discovery
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Product inventory
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Website UX/UI
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Advertising Strategy
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