Strategic branding for mountain retreat to help landing on the tourism map



Nestled in the heart of the Harghita mountains, Lőrincz House offers a tranquil escape for families and groups seeking rejuvenation away from urban noise.

Catering to families with children and adult groups, they provide an exclusive experience by allowing customers to book the entire property, emphasizing the beauty of nature in the heart of the country.


Travel & Accomodation


Harghita, Romania




Traditional marketing methods were insufficient to reach a wider audience, making it difficult to stand out in the competitive tourism landscape.

As a result, potential customers were unaware of the property’s existence and its unique offerings.


To address these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy aimed at enhancing the business online presence and brand recognition.

We designed a clear and distinctive visual identity.
Developed an intuitive website structure for easy navigation.
Highlighted key facilities to showcase the property value.
Enhanced visual content to match the newly established brand identity.
Provided more clarity by adding transparent booking rules to the website.
Added an FAQ section for efficient customer support.
Developed a seamless, responsive website interface.
Implemented a user-friendly booking form for accessible reservation requests.


The results of our work


Increased brand exposure by at least 70%, attracting a broader audience.


The recently established online platform led to a surge of over 85% in booking requests.
Saving costs by minimizing dependence on other advertising platforms.
Improving communication with upcoming website translations for international guests.

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István L.
Product Owner at Lőrincz House

Project Figures

Brand Discovery
0 days
Visual Identity
0 days
Structure & Wireframing
0 days
Website UX/UI
0 days