Transforming vacation rental startup through cost-effective booking strategy



Established in 2020, Yaio Apartments is driven by a commitment to providing quality, kindness, and safety for guests seeking a carefree vacation.

Their idyllic apartments, infused with a touch of personal style, where the sea breeze becomes a constant lullaby, provide a perfect escape for families and couples yearning for relaxation.


Travel & Accomodation


Mamaia Nord, Romania




Despite their dedication, the reliance on third-party booking platforms and a lack of social media engagement hindered the ability to reveal their full potential.

Indirect booking process, substantial booking fees and occasional overbookings significantly impacted their profitability, making it difficult to offer competitive pricing.


To address the challenge, we developed a comprehensive approach, focused on strengthening the brand identity, amplifying online presence and refining the booking process.

Crafted a distinctive identity to enhance brand recognition.
Developed a clean website structure to showcase the property values.
Provided more clarity by adding transparent booking rules to the website.
Added FAQ and chat support for convenient customer communication.
Designed a user-friendly website interface for enhanced interactions.
Implemented a booking engine for direct bookings & payments.
Elevated social media presence with guided content and advertising strategy.


The results of our work


By eliminating reliance on third-party platforms, they experienced a substantial reduction in booking costs, saving 30% of their previous expenses.


Strategic visual advertising efforts led to a 50% increase in booking requests.
The centralized booking system eliminated overbookings, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective process.
Yaio Apartments is now discovered daily by new customers, resulting in a steady influx of booking requests.

Our business finally found it's digital home, thanks to devydesign. I can count on them with everything, from the smallest details to complex operations. Perfect partners for growing brands!

Owner of YAiO Apartments

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